Explosive Storage and Transportation Units

We can fabricate any size explosive containment box whether it is mounted on your chassis, slide in, or day storage box. The explosive containment boxes are built to meet specifications and have all the essentials for your explosive storage needs. 


explosive storage containment box on truck Custom Haz-Mat storage unit for truck

8' Old Style Slide-In on Truck

8' New Style Slide-In
Top-loading explosive storage split box Custom IME for Sport Utility Vehicle

Split Box Top Load IME

Custom IME for Sport Utility Vehicle

Explosive materials storage box with forklift pockets Van body explosive storage with side door

 Top Load IME Box with Fork Pockets

Van Body with IME and Side Door

Custom powder, IME and toolbox unit 6-foot slide-in Haz-Mat unit
Custom Made Unit with 
Powder Compartment, IME and Tool Box
6' New Style Slide-In

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