Explosive Units and Shipping Hazardous Materials Photos

Our custom IME units make shipping hazardous materials convenient and affordable. View more examples of our explosive units below and let us know your needs. 

8' Foot Open Top
Dewatering Unit Installed by Amp-Tech
24' Van body with roll up doors 
 Van body with IMEVan body with Roll up doors 
Van bodies ready to ship Van Body 
Top Load IME Box with Fork Pockets
SUV IME and Type 3
Van Body with IME Slide in with storage tube
Dewatering Unit with IME and powder compartment.Flatbed with IME in front and pullout shelves
on back and fold down sides.
 Aluminuim frame flatbed with powder
compartment in front ime then rear toolbox
Compact van body with IME 
explosive storage containment box on truckCustom Haz-Mat storage unit for truck

8' Old Style Slide-In on Truck

8' New Style Slide-In
Top-loading explosive storage split box
Van body explosive storage with side door

Split Box Top Load IME

Van Body with IME and Side Door

Custom powder, IME and toolbox unit6-foot slide-in Haz-Mat unit
Custom Made Unit with 
Powder Compartment, IME and Tool Box
6' New Style Slide-In

Aluminum flatbed with IMEFlatbed with IME for shipping hazardous materials

All Aluminum Flatbed with IME

Flatbed with IME
Haz-Mat boxes for van bodiesSlide-In units for shipping hazardous materials
Two Van Bodies with IME & Side Door

New Style Slide-In with Optional Toolboxes

Dewatering Unit with IME & Storage BoxesTwo flat beds with HazMat shipping

Dewatering Unit with IME &
Storage Boxes

Two Flat Beds with IME & Storage
(Ready to Ship)
Slide-in Unit with HazMat box on leftcustom welded flatbed with IME box

Slide-In Unit with Left-Side IME Box
& Right-Side Day Box 

Custon Flatbed with IME Box
Old-style slide-in HazMat shipping boxLow-hight slide-in for shipping hazardous materials

Old Style Slide In with IME
& Side Toolboxes

Low Height Slide-In with 
Optional Tool Boxes

Inside of DROM Box with IME

DROM Box with IME


Van Body with Liftgate
Two Compartment IME Box

6' Slide-In with IME 
& FRP Construction on Outside

6' Slide-In with IME
& FRP Construction on Outside

Large Slide-In Unit with IME

Large Slide-In Unit with IME

DROM Box with IME Powder Coated Outside

IME Top Access Rear Powder Compartment

10' Van Body with Nosecone

10' Van Body with diamond plate alum. floor

10' Van Body with Nosecone
Wind Deflector on DROM Box


Sleeper IME/Type 3 Magazine
View 1

Sleeper IME/Type 3 Magazine
View 2 

Sleeper IME/Type 3 Magazine
View 3 

Small IME Divided
Trailer mounted van body Trailer Mounted Van Body side view

Trailer Mounted Van Body 

Trailer Mounted Van Body with IME 


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