Welding and Steel Fabrication

We have the capabilities to weld and or fabricate what you need. Our team has the abilities to make anything that requires steel fabrication: from aluminum to hardened steel, from small to large and complex.

steel fabrication - custom grass seeder custom steel sunshade
Custom Grass Seeder


fabricated ss manifold custom fabricated booth display
SS Manifold


fabricated steel machine base Custom cooling racks
Machine Base

Cooling Racks

Custom Fabrication by Amp-Tech

Dust Collector

Custom Weldment by Amp-Tech

Hopper Bins

Stainless Steel Tanks

Die Racks

Semi-Cab with Custom Roll Bar

Machine Base

Outrigger for Rollover Protection

Speciality Machine
Custom Fabrication by Amp-Tech 

Custom Flatbed with Winch

Hydraulic Lift Table

Custom Weldment

Custom Weldment

Lift Gate, Oxygen & Acetylene 
Bottle Racks



Robot Bases
Post Office Railing Custom Stainless Steel Auger